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Welcome to our journey with oils...

What's so incredible to me about essential oils is their versatility and effectiveness. They can be used in so many ways. Around the house, to improve physical and emotional health, for weight loss, for more youthful hair and skin - just to name a few. It's also great that Young Living essential oils are entirely plant-based and natural. Young Living has products that can benefit everyone. If you have a particular wellness goal or concern you need some help with, don't hesitate to contact me anytime. Chances are there's a product or an essential oil that can make a real difference.

My most recommended product is: Thieves Household Cleaner. I love how one household cleaner can be used so many different way - I can clean my entire house with this one bottle of cleaner!.

I also really enjoy:

  • (Vitality) Lemon
  • (Vitality) Peppermint
  • Progessence Plus

While so many of the oils are useful, I'd say my favorite is Lavender. I love the versatility of Lavender. I love how Lavender can be helpful in so many different and diverse situations. When in doubt, my family and I tend to turn to Lavender first.

My experience as a Young Living Wholesale Member has been incredible. This opportunity has given me the flexibility to do more of the things I enjoy - like spending time with my husband and 5 kids: we love camping (especially at the beach), spending time at church with our church family, watching movies together and going out for ice cream!. Even better, it has given me the chance to help so many people - both with their health and finances. The products do so much good , making this a business anyone can succeed with. If you're interested in the opportunity to earn extra income as a Young Living Wholesale Member, I’d love to chat with you. Don't hesitate to contact me!

I am a Young Living Wholesale Member currently residing in Thousand Oaks, CA. Originally, I am from Marengo, IL. I've been involved with the company since March 2014, and as with most people, I was drawn to Young Living by the incredible products they create and the benefits they produce. Another thing I love is the fact that I am part of a team that helps one another achieve success, live greener, be healthier, and help others.